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Construction Monitoring Drones

Drone Panora Aerial Photography is a leading provider of aerial imaging services to the construction and real estate development industry.  Companies partner with us to leverage drone aerial technology that supports:

  • Winning jobs through valuable aerial imaging that can be used in the pre-planning, proposal writing, and presentation phase of projects
  • Job site conditions surveys for logistics planning and improved project estimation
  • Owner visibility
  • Work progress monitoring and efficient asset management
  • Distance and volume calculations of large areas
  • Defect identification minimizing rework  
  • Improve safety and mitigate litigation by monitoring and documenting work completed, site conditions, and potential hazards.

Whether showing the scale of the project from above with a picture or improving efficiency and safety on any construction site or business, aerial photography using drones provide a cost-effective solution to capture photography that documents your project with a visual history of the excavation progress and construction progress.  Drones provide an impressive way to show clients the process of renovation, building, or inspection.